Turn Your Baby is a brand, product and educational campaign aimed at reminding parents to regularly alternate their newborn’s head position each time the baby sleeps, as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), to avoid flat spots (medically referred to as “positional plagiocephaly”).

Turn Your Baby was started by Irene Collado when her son Lucas was treated for flat spots in 2013. She was very upset by the thought of using a helmet to correct Lucas’s flat spots. So when she later learned that flat spots can be avoided by regularly turning a newborn’s head each time the baby sleeps, the proverbial light bulb lit up in her head! – remind parents to “Turn Your Baby!”

But it’s not that easy. In order to choose a different head position each time the newborn sleeps, the parent must also remember what head position the baby slept in last time. That’s when Irene imagined the Turn Your Baby device, with three light-up buttons that help you keep track of a baby’s sleeping position.

Dr. Chad Perlyn, the pediatric plastic surgeon who treated Lucas, and a Fellow of the AAP, joined Turn Your Baby as Medical Director when he saw the solution Irene came up with. He has long believed that more focus should be placed on prevention instead of treatment, and that’s what he sees in Turn Your Baby.

The Turn Your Baby device is patent pending (App. No. 14/500,157)

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